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How to Become a Vendor or Community Partner

With over 2,000 homeschooled kids in Butte County, many business owners have discovered the value of signing up with the homeschool charters as a vendor / community partner (we'll use these terms interchangeably since the terms vary by school). Here we'll provide you with an overview what's required and the contact information for each charter school's vendor/community partner department. 

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The Basics

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Basic Overview of How To Become A Vendor/Community Partner

Each year, students who homeschool through a state-funded charter school receive $1,000 to $3,000 for their education. Families can use this money to enroll in classes, participate in activities, and buy resources from approved vendors, also known as community partners. To use these funds, families need to request a purchase order (P.O.) from their schools for each class they want to cover. The vendors then bill the school directly and get paid at agreed intervals. Some vendors charge slightly more when using charter school funds to help cover extra administrative work, while others find that the increase in enrollment compensates for any additional costs.


There are several homeschool charters in our area. The big 3 are CORE Butte, South Sutter, and Lakeview. These schools operate independently. As such, they each have their own unique process for becoming a community partner. They also have separate payment procedures. Below we've made it easy for you to access information on becoming from each of these charters. 

Becoming a vendor usually entails some variation of the following items: 

1. An application

2. Proof of business status / business license

3. Finger printing / background check

4. A contract detailing payments and services

5. Proof of business insurance

Note: Families do not have direct access to the money. All financial transactions take place directly between the charter school and the community partner. 

The Charter Schools

Below you'll find the contact information for vendors/community partners of

each of the big 3 homeschool charters in Butte County. 

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Located in south Chico, CORE Butte Charter has a reputation for fast, reliable payments. They are the only homeschool charter school in Chico with a local campus. This makes them a good place to start for local business owners.

Contact Information: 

CORE Butte Administration


2847 Notre Dame Blvd.Chico, CA 95928

South Sutter is the longest standing charter in Butte County. They are part of a larger network of schools called IEM that offer services throughout California.  That means that signing up with them also allows you to offer services to students beyond Butte County. 

Contact Information: 

South Sutter Charter School


School Website

Vendor Application

Elementary Classroom
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Lakeview Charter 

Lakeview Charter School is part of a larger network of charter schools called Sequoia Grove serving homeschoolers across California. This means that community partners who sign up with Lakeview Charter can also offer services to students beyond Butte County. 

Contact Information: 

Lakeview Charter School



School Website

Community Partners Page

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