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School Options

The first step in your homeschooling journey is to decide what type of school you want to participate in. This sounds counterintuitive (I want to homeschool, duh?), but stick with us. The Chico areas offers a variety of ways to homeschool your child. We've highlighted the different options here and linked them to places to learn more.  

3 Ways To Homeschool

1. Public Charter: Enroll in a public charter school specializing in homeschooling

Establish A Private School: Set up your own private school registered through the State of California (PSA)

Enroll in a PSP: Use a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)
Public Homeschool Charters

Public charter schools are the way most people in the North Valley homeschool. That's because they help provide funding for curriculums and activities. They also provide the support of a credentialed teacher to help guide you through the process of teaching your kids. Because they are public schools, they are required to follow California State Standards, do yearly testing, and are only authorized to purchase secular curriculums. 

Enrolling in a charter school is very similar to enrolling in a conventional public school.  Each school will have their own process, so once you find the school you like, just follow the instructions for enrollment on their website.  It is worth noting that many of these charters have waitlists.  If you think this might be the right option for you, then applying early is a good idea.  

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Private School Options


The other option is to set up your own or go through an established private school.  This option includes either filing a Private School Affidavit (PSA) or using a Private School Satellite Program (PSP).  By filing a Private School Affidavit (PSA) with the state, you are opening your own private school and enrolling your kids in it. This path will provide the maximum amount of freedom, but no funding and no academic support.  Alternatively, there is a hybrid option between charter and PSA, called Private School Satellite Program (PSP). In this option, you enroll you children in a private school established by someone else. Scroll down to read more about each option. 

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