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History & Social Studies Curriculum

History and Social Studies teach kids all about people now and in the past.  The first few years of school (about grades K-3) kids learn about how society is organized and how people communicate.  There is instruction about holidays, the purpose of rules, calendars, community helpers, emotions, basic map work, etc.  


Around grade 4, the focus shifts away from a general introduction into society and becomes more centered on learning what happened in the past. There is an exploration into understanding how those events shape the present and could help us make better choices in the future. Curriculums tend to rotate between state history, U.S. history, ancient history, world history, and government/economics. 


There are many perspectives on how history should be taught ranging from the importance of memorizing dates and events to a larger skill-based focus on critical thinking and analysis. Here is one video from a historian that looks at historical education, why it matters, and how to approach it. 


Podcasts Are Great for History

Be sure to check out our list of podcasts that are frequently recommended. There are lots of excellent options to supplement your curriculum and spark interest in a subject. 

History and Social Social Studies 

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