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Building Your Community

Having a strong, supportive group of fellow homeschoolers, can make all the difference.  You will need people who you can lean on, bounce ideas off of, and delight in raising your kids together. With over 2,000 homeschooled kids in our area, finding your village is only a matter of time.

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This active Facebook group is an amazing way to keep up-to-date on playgroups forming, activities happening, and local homeschooling news.  It's one of the best way to connect with other homeschoolers in the area.  This is a community run Facebook group independent of this website.


Most homeschoolers in our area spend very little time just doing school at home.  Make time in your week to go to events.  Homeschool park days, library gatherings, and educational activities are great places to meet other families.

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With hundreds of vendors, classes, and activities in town, it's easy to build your community by connecting with other families at these activities.  Most of the charter schools also offer field trips which is a great way to combine education and community.  

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