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Numbered Stones

Math Curriculum

High quality math instruction is about more than simple arithmetic. Being able to think mathematically teaches important skills in logic, problem solving, exploration, perseverance, number sense, etc.  Here is an interesting video on why math matters: spoiler alert - it's about so much more than just memorizing formulas. Here's a second video on creating a math education that inspires. 

We've compiled a collection of favorite curriculums used by local families. Each one contains a brief description of the curriculum and a link to the program to learn more.  If you have a favorite curriculum we've haven't included, we'd love to hear from you

Math Programs

Supplemental Math Support

More Ideas? 

If you have a curriculum you love but isn't included here, we'd love to hear from you!

Also, if you see a correction we should make, please let us know. 

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