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Parent-to-Parent Homeschool Support 

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Homeschooling requires a unique and ever-evolving skill set. This is where we can help. Parent-to-parent support is a model that has a long history of success. This program offers families a way to access free assistance in designing and building a life that meets their unique goals and needs. Additionally, it gives experienced parents a way to pass on their hard-earned wisdom making the path for those coming in after them a little easier.

Note: Pilot Program

The Homeschool T.E.A. Room is a pilot program that we’re launching in the Fall of 2023 in collaboration with CORE.  It is currently only available to CORE families.  If it’s successful, we hope to be able to branch out and open it up to the community next year.  Stay tuned!

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T.E.A. Room

Tips -  Encouragement - Advice

The Homeschool T.E.A. Room offers 3 types of parent-to-parent support

  • Regular In-Person Support Circles

  • 1-on-1 Support

  • Workshops

T.E.A. Chats

These are monthly support circles where homeschool parents in our community gather to share ideas, exchange support, and build community.  Do you have more questions about this program?  Feel free to contact us by clicking here

Currently only available to CORE families - see note above

Coffee Break


T.E.A. Time

T.E.A. Time is 1-on-1 support from an experience homeschooler to help you design the homeschooling life you want.

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T.E.A. Room

To sign up or get more information, complete the form and our T.E.A. Room coordinator will be in touch. 

Important Note: Pilot Program

This program is currently only available to CORE families.  If successful, we hope to be able to open it to the community in the future.

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