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Activities & Vendors

Homeschoolers are known for their extensive involvement in the community. From volunteering and taking classes to athletics and clubs, the Chico area is rich with opportunities for learning and community building. You'll see terms like "vendor" and "community partner" in our local homeschooler lexicon.  Being a vendor or community partner means that an organization accepts funds from 1 or more local charter schools. Click on the "Find Activities" button to find activities often recommended by local homeschoolers. 

Teacher and Kids in Library

Complete Vendor Lists by Charter School:  CORE   Lakeview   South Sutter  

Featured Vendor

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Kai Music and Arts is a new vendor/community partner in downtown Chico.  They aim to create a vibrant creative hub. This hub strives to bring the community together to encourage mutual support, artistic collaboration, and self-expression in various forms of art. The school actively supports local musicians, artists, businesses, and community groups, as well as non-profit organizations. They are committed to inclusivity, striving to support individuals from diverse backgrounds and circumstances by offering scholarships and flexible fees to ensure accessibility for all community members.  They are co-owned by a homeschool family and are eager to support the local homeschool community. 

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