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Build Your Best Homeschool Life

Thriving as a homeschooling family means building a life that puts family and learning at the center.  Learning how to organize your family's life in a way that makes time for everything (academics, activities, meals, friends, space, planning, etc) is an art.  It requires a clear set of goals, boundaries, creative thinking, and flexibility.  Here you'll find resources that will give you a chance to reflect on what's working for you, hear what other people are doing, and figure out the next best steps for you on your journey to build your best homeschooling life.

Steps To Making It Work


Know Your Why

Choosing to completely revolutionize how education looks for your family is a big decision.  Being deeply grounded in the beliefs you hold that are guiding this decision, will serve as an anchor.  Take time to really reflect on what it is about this path that you feel passionately about.  Keep that front and center in your mind as you make decisions for your family's educational journey.

Here are some tools to get you started. 


Create Systems

Homeschooling is more than just curriculum and lessons.  It will impact every part of your family's life. Homeschooling families are often masters of creating systems to make life run smoothly.  Here you'll find some tools and ideas from experienced homeschoolers for systems you may find helpful to have in place.  Remember, what these system look like will be uniquely yours.  Allow others to inspire you, but you know your family best.  You are the best qualified to make it work for you.


Put It Into Action

Now that you are connected to your why and you have some systems in place, it's time to decide what you're going to do.  It's time to select your curriculum, work with your teacher if you're going through a charter, and decide what activities you are going to do.  Have fun with this!  Building your best homeschool life is an iterative process.  Don't be afraid to try something and remain open to changing it if it doesn't work for you.   Here are some resources to get you started. 

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