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Reading in Tent

YouTube Channels

Videos are an excellent way to supplement your child's education. For better or for worse, parents don't know everything but thanks to modern technology we have access to most of human knowledge on our phones. So, there's no need to feel bad if you don't know how to explain the inner workings of a cell or if you've forgotten how to find the vertex of a curve using quadratic equations, because someone has made a video about it. Some of these videos are created by talented teachers who are able to explain complicated concepts simply. Many homeschool parents find themselves tapping into the wealth of video-based knowledge.  Here are some YouTube Channels that are worth adding your collection of resources. 

YouTube Channels

Reading Curriculums

Writing, Grammar & Handwriting Curriculums

Spelling Curriculums

Vocabulary Curriculums

More Ideas? 

If you have a curriculum you love but isn't included here or see a correction we need to make, we'd love to hear from you.  

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